museum in trento

first prize

museum in trento

heritage museum in rome

fifth prize

heritage museum in rome

Civic Center. Reggio Calabria, Italy

second prize

civic center in reggio calabria

Museum of Transport. Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy

first prize

museum in pomigliano d’arco

Archaeological Museum. Tiriolo, Italy

first prize

antiquarium in tiriolo

Apartment. Naples, Italy


apartment in naples

Socio-cultural Center. San Severo, Italy

fifth prize

cultural in san severo

Contemporary Art Museum. Cuneo, Italy

third prize

museum in cuneo

Parish complex. Alba Adriatica, Italy

second prize

church in alba adriatica

Archeological Museum. Rabaçal, Portugal

first prize

roman museum in rabaçal

Metro Station. Naples, Italy

fifth prize

new metro station exit in naples

School, Albino, Italy

seventh prize

School in Albino

School. Bella, Italy

on going

school in bella

Fire Station and Music Hall. Termeno, Italy

short listed

fire station in termeno

Secondarary School. Lauria, Italy

first prize

school in lauria

Secondary School. Torino, Italy

fifth prize

school in turin

Primary School. Riccione, Italy


primary school in riccione

Aquarium, Naples, Italy

first prize

stazione dohrn

Foundation, Naples, Italy

fourth prize

banco di napoli

Events Hall, Commune d'Aigle, Switzerland

events hall

Masterplan. Bari, Italy

honorable mention

masterplan bari

Renovation castle. Tour de Peilz, Switzerland

third prize

Musee du Jeu

House. Naples, Italy

private project

house ai miracoli

Library. Varna, Bulgaria

Library in VARNA

Museum extension. Jyväskylä, Finland

aalto’s museum

Science centre. Naples, Italy

honorable mention

museum in naples
House in the park. Bologna, Italy
House in the park
Swimming pools. Saint-Prex, Switzerland
pools in lausanne

Museum. Tungevågen, Norway

museum of the sea

Museum. Helsinki, Finland

museum of ART

Museum. Ischia, Italy

third prize